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  • Hikka Resort

    Hikka resort is a five bedroom villa surrounded by beautiful nature, the melody of birds, and the tranquility of a quiet retreat

    Hikka Resort
  • Hikka Nature Villa

    Discover a peaceful haven at our Hikka Nature Villa, where awe-inspiring architecture harmoniously blends with verdant greenery

    Hikka Nature Villa
  • Nosko Villa

    Welcome to our Nosko Villa, where stunning natural beauty and refined elegance come together to create the perfect escape

    Nosko Villa
  • Harris Villa

    Welcome to our Harris Villa, a haven of elegance and tranquility. Come and discover the ultimate in luxury and serenity.

    Harris Villa
  • Anna Villas

    If you're looking for a romantic retreat or a family vacation, villa Anna offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort

    Anna Villas
  • Anna 4BR Villa

    Villa Anna is a place that helps escape to experience a serene oasis, where tranquility and relaxation are yours to enjoy.

    Anna 4BR Villa
  • Anna Apartments

    Anna Apartments brings sweet sounds of birdsong and natural beauty surround you in a peaceful sanctuary.

    Anna Apartments
  • Hikka Nilora

    Welcome to our Hikka Nilora, With luxurious accommodations and every modern amenity you could wish for!

    Hikka Nilora
  • Silver Ferns

    Welcome to our Hikka Silver Ferns, where breathtaking natural beauty surrounds you at every turn.

    Silver Ferns

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Live the vacation you’ve always wanted with Hikkavillas Sri Lanka. Browse our inventory of luxury vacation rentals including beachside, inland, and the Galle Fort. We have intimate knowledge of all our luxury vacation villas and regions and will guide you in the selection of your perfect vacation home. Treat yourself to an extra special holiday and we will take care of all the extra details, from arranging car rentals, to booking that relaxing spa experience or exciting excursion. We’re here to make your vacation inspired

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My family and I recently stayed at this villa for a 6-day getaway, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. It's clear to us that the management has been working diligently to address previous concerns. Here are a few highlights from our extended stay. We found the managers and owners to be incredibly welcoming and attentive to our needs. They went out of their way to ensure we had a pleasant stay and were responsive to any questions or concerns we had. We found the kitchen to be well-stocked and clean. The utensils were in good condition, and we had no trouble preparing meals. Additionally, the availability of drinking water was a big plus. We didn't encounter any pest issues during our 6-day stay. The villa was clean and well-maintained, which made for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The swimming pool was not only clean but also safe. We observed that all necessary precautions had been taken to ensure the safety of guests, with no live wires or hazards in sight. The villa had a fresh and inviting ambiance. The air conditioning in the living room was fully functional, and the entire space was comfortable and free of any stuffy smells. The garden was a serene retreat with well-manicured lawns and thoughtfully arranged landscaping. It was a pleasure to spend time outdoors in such a picturesque setting. Our experience at the villa was wonderful, and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing and enjoyable 6-day getaway. It's evident that the management has made significant improvements, and we had no issues that would "ruin" our holiday. We hope future guests have the opportunity to enjoy this lovely villa as much as we did. Thank you for a memorable stay!
We stayed for one night and had to cut short our stay. This place must have been nice in its heydays..But.. This place is a DEAD RESORT now and has some major issues to be taken care of, highlighting the top ones here for the benefit of future guests. 1. Arrogant managers, owners who don't own up to major problems highlighted and brush them as off minor issues. 2. The place is infested with bugs - ants , termites etc. 3. The place has a very stuffy smell as the main Aircon in the living room is non functional. 4. Swimming pool was unclean with live electric wires dangling inside which was a safety hazard. 5. Kitchen was dirty in general. There are so many utensils but they are so old and used- some broken, some with stains all over them, non stick cookwares are scratched entirely. We couldn't cook there, don't think anyone can to be honest. It took so much effort on our side to get drinking water! 6. The garden had foot long grass all overgrown and in general lacked maintenance. In summary, best to avoid unless you are ok with ruining your holiday. Thank you.
Our 2nd visit to this resort. Home from home. Also get 1st class service from everyone.

Meet the owner

Meet Prasad Warusavithana, a seasoned hotel owner with a passion for hospitality and a keen eye for detail. With years of experience in the industry, Prasad has developed a reputation for creating exceptional guest experiences and running highly successful hotels. 

With a deep understanding of the hotel industry and a track record of success, Prasad is a true leader in the field, and an asset to Hikka Villas hospitality organization. 

Prasad Warusavithana

Prasad Warusavithana

I am the co-owner of HikkaVillas Holiday Rentals PVT LTD. we have 15 high-end holiday villas in Hikkaduwa..

Prasad Warusavithana


Sri Sumangala Road, Wallawattha, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka